Ruri Iida
Ruri Iida1
飯田 瑠璃
Iida Ruri
Gender Female
Occupation Police officer
Debut Appearances
Anime Magimoji Rurumo Episode 5
Voice Actor/Actress

Harumi Sakurai

Ruri Iida (飯田 瑠璃 Iida Ruri) is a character from the manga and anime series Magimoji Rurumo. She is a buxom Nishimatsu police officer who somehow finds herself running into Shibaki's mischievous advances.

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Iida is a young woman with long brown hair, red eyes, and large breasts. She normally wears a standard policewoman uniform, and at the beach she wears a red bikini with "federal authority" written on the tubetop.

== Personality ==she is serious when it comes to her job but somehow keeps letting Shibaki touch her boobs before countering him


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